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Vehicles and Assets’ Pawns

Vehicles and Assets’ Pawns – Online Browsing through the Pawns Database

The Pawns Registrar offers a unique service – browsing through the computerized pawns database, through which every person may obtain instant online information, without needing to personally attend the service bureaus. A fee of 28 NIS is charged for every pawn check. 


The online database contains information about pawns that were registered as of 1995 onwards, according to a license number of a vehicle or of engineering equipment, an aircraft number or an I.D number of the debtor. The file that is received bears an electronic signature which certifies that the service is officially referenced. 


If you need information about pawns that were registered prior to April 1994, or about foreign citizens, foreign corporations or lawful corporation, you may order it through the website – and an electronically signed file on behalf of the Pawns Registrar will be sent to you within a few days.



·         An online check of the Pawns Registrar Database does not serve as an exemption from checking for seizures or attachments which may be registered within other databases, such as that of the Licensing Office.

·         The website is updated by the computer system of the Pawns Registrar once an hour. Due to possible update delays between the Registrar’s Database and the website, the information’s official update time is that which is indicated at the top of the ‘browsing results’ file.

·         When you access the online database, you will be asked to install the electronic signing software in your computer and to agree to its terms of use. These is necessary in order to allow online browsing through the pawns database.


For help in using the service, you may contact the internet services support team of the Corporate Authority:

·         E-mail:

·         Telephone: 1-700-70-60-44, 08:30 – 16:00.


>To browse through the online pawns database

>To the Pawns Registrar in the Ministry of Justice


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