Official Publications

​On this website, the following publications can be found and form part of "Reshumot" [Official Government Gazette] publications, which are edited and printed by the Official Publications Department, as well as the Directive issued by the Attorney General No. 2.3100. - "Subsidiary Legislation: Procedure and Instructions", and a guide for the drafting of bills and laws prepared by the Statutory Drafting Department:

Principal Legislation - containing all the Laws passed by the Knesset on the third reading (Issue No. 2010-23rd Sivan 5765 (June 30 2005));

Government Bills - containing all the statutory proposals on behalf of the Government and placed before the Knesset for first reading (Issue No. 190-5th Tammuz 5765 (July 12 2005));

Subsidiary Legislation - containing items of subsidiary legislation including regulations, orders and so forth (Issue No. 6395 - 23rd Sivan 5765 (June 30 2005));

Subsidiary Legislation - Local Government Enactments - containing bye-laws and orders as to fining offenses of Local Authorities (Issue No. 684- 4th Nissan 5765 (April 13 2005));

Subsidiary Legislation - Rates of Customs Duty, Purchase Tax and Mandatory Payments - containing Orders and Notices relating to Customs and Import and Export Duties (Issue No. 1438 - 26th Av 5765 (August 31 2005));

Official Government Gazette - containing Statutory Notices published by the Government and on behalf of various public bodies, including inter alia notices of appointments on behalf of the Government, notices of planning and building committees, notices of the Courts with regard to the winding-up of companies and notices of the Rabbinical Courts, as well as notices from members of the public, the publication of which is required by law (Issue No. 5414 - 30th Sivan 5765 (July 7th 2005)).

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