Israeli Corporations Authority

​The Israeli Corporations Authority is the entity in charge of the registration, supervision, enforcement and control over most of the corporations in Israel and encompasses the business sector as well as the non-profit sector, by virtue of which various professional units operate. The Authority operates at the highest standards of innovation, excellence, quality and professionalism, and constitutes a mark of leadership in providing excellent service to the public. 

The Corporations Authority's Vision:

The Authority's vision is improving the service provided to the public in terms of quality, professionalism, efficiency and accessibility, alongside effective supervision, control and enforcement of the provisions of law applying to corporations.

The Authority's Units

The Registrar of Companies and Registrar of Partnerships Units: 
The Registrar of Companies Unit and the Registrar of Partnerships Unit are responsible for handling companies and partnerships – the operations carried out in these units are characterized by constitutive operations, which would have no legal validity without the Registrar's operation, both in declarative operations regarding the reports provided to the Registrar by companies and partnerships in order to implement the principle of publicity regarding information relating to such, and in operations that require legal examination for ensuring proper execution of legal proceedings such as: merger, administrative restoration court proceedings and dissolution of companies and partnerships. The Units' operations constitute an essential and primary element of the activities of the business sector in Israel and trade in general.
 The Registrar of Pledges Unit: 
The Registrar of pledges Unit is responsible for handling the registration, amendment and lifting of pledges, in accordance with the powers vested in the Registrar under the provisions of law. There is great importance to the trustworthiness of the Pledges Registry, as the quality and availability of the service provided to the public regarding pledges allow individuals and corporations vast economic activities.
The Registrar of Fellowship Societies, Community Interest Companies and Charitable Trusts Units:  
Are responsible for handling the registration, supervision and control over fellowship societies, community interest companies and charitable trusts – non-profit organizations (NPOs) belonging to the third sector. The Registrar examines the proper conduct of these organizations, when in order to perform their duties the units carry out, among other things, the following operations: determining a position in petitions filed with court and accompanying the State Attorney in these issues, examining complaints, investigations and in-depth control as well as constructing plans for correcting deficiencies, operations for deletion and dissolution of fellowship societies and community interest companies, and more. These units operate out of a sense of public mission to ensure the proper conduct of non-profit organizations.

The Registrar of Political Parties Unit: 
 The Registrar of Political Parties Unit is responsible for the registration of political parties and supervision over such pursuant to the provisions of the Political Parties Law, 5752-1992 and the Regulations promulgated thereunder. Political parties play a central role in shaping the country's democratic way of life, therefore particular importance, legal and public, is placed on the exactitude of the manner of their establishment and supervision over their orderly operation. The Registrar of Political Parties Unit plays a unique and meaningful role in everything regarding the supervision over the proper operations of the political parties in Israel. 

The Public Service Unit:
The Unit is responsible for the Authority's public reception layout, the postal layout and scans. The Public Service Unit operates at the highest standards and within a technological and dynamic work environment, allowing the public to enjoy advanced on-line services such as: reviewing a fellowship society or company file via e-mail with no need in visiting the Authority's offices and within approximately one hour from submitting a request, delivery of confirmations of activities via e-mail, reviewing on-line extracts and more.

The Enforcement and Control Unit: 
The Unit's purpose is the effective supervision, control and enforcement as measures for implementing the provisions of law. As part of its functions, the Unit engages in proceedings' representation before courts as well.
 Within the domain of fellowship societies and community interest companies, the Unit is responsible for filing petitions with court for the dissolution of fellowship societies and community interest companies, supervising merger procedures, administrative restoration and rehabilitation. 
Within the domain of companies, the Unit is responsible for exercising enforcement powers against companies that have violated the obligation to submit an annual statement  or that have failed to pay fees  or other charges they are obligated to pay under law, so in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law, 5759-1999, which regulate the registration of a company as being a company in breach of law.   

The Tel Aviv and Central District Unit:
The Tel Aviv and Central District Unit had been established in order to increase the accessibility of the Corporations Authority's services to the residents of Tel Aviv and Gush Dan, which constitute the core of Israel's business life. Within its functions, the District engages, among other things, in registration of pledges and receipt of all types of applications for registration of corporations (except for community interest companies).